Getting to grips with energy efficiency

Our bi-folds look after the planet while keeping your home cosy, all year round.
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Thermal performance. What is there to know?

It’s worth knowing what’s what when it comes to keeping the warmth in your home, saving money on energy bills, and, believe it or not, complying with the law.

Here is some info to help you better understand the components of your bi-fold doors and how they affect your property, the environment, and compliance with green regulations.

A greener world for everyone

Opting for double glazing is a great choice for you and the environment. Why? While you won’t have to endure condensation, draughts, or unusable conservatories throughout cold winters. At the same time, the environment benefits from your reduced need for heating and the lead-free glass in your door.

The panes in our bi-folds are A-rated for energy efficiency, made of Low E coated glass, and have a U-value below 1.4Wm²K. This means you can stay cosy knowing your doors are working hard to keep your home warm and your bills low.


Keep in mind

If you’re a landlord, you should be aware that as of 1st April 2018 it is illegal to rent out a property that breaches the minimum requirement of an E EPC rating. Make home maintenance a priority and you won’t get caught out!


Green deal funding

Convinced that having an energy efficient home is unaffordable? You’re in luck. You might be able to access government funding for insulation, double glazing, draught-proofing, heating, and renewable energy generation.